Here are some other links you can click on to see some oddities and read about how weird I am. Or read a poem called “Fat Turky” that I wrote when I was in second grade.

* Debra Beilke, from the MFA in Creative Writing program at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, interviews me about my latest chapbook.

* Jesse Bradley interviews me in August 2010 and I give some very sage mixtape advice.

* Bonus material from Stoked Magazine: “Fat Turky“! A poem I wrote in second grade. Scanned in on the Thanksgiving paper we were given in class. Trigger warning: it’s pretty violent.

* In March of 2013 I wrote a poem every day for the 30/30 project put forth by Tupelo Press.

* Olive on 88.1FM WYCE in Grand Rapids, MI interviews me on the radio about a poetry tour I was Kickstarting at the time.

* Beach Sloth reviews a weird little ebook I co-wrote with Sara Woods back in the day called Love Stories/Hate Stories.