Hire Me!

Aside from writing poems, teaching undergrads, and selling fish, I also have an array of skills you may be interested in employing. Some of the things I have experience in include:

* Typewriter busking. I’ve written poems on the spot for guests at events. Most recently, I wrote poems for Magers & Quinn.

* Copy editing. I have experience editing university student handbooks, prose manuscripts, poetry manuscripts, and college and graduate-level term papers, among other things.

* Event hosting. I’ve hosted poetry readings and book release parties around the Twin Cities, but I’m happy to think about more obscure event hosting opportunities as well! Maybe you have a costume party and you need somebody to dress up as a killer gorilla. I’m willing to do that.

* Manuscript and/or poem revision notes. Send me your poems! I want to read them and help you out. We can meet over coffee or beer. You choose. Or, if you’re far away, we can Skype. Or email. Or send pigeons. Not liable for dead pigeons.

* Poetry writing. Do you need a special poem written? Do you want me to write an ode to your dog? Have to have a haiku about your mom’s favorite apron? I can do that.

* Anything else not listed here you think I might be good at. Let me know. I’ll see what I can do.

* Throw a couple bucks at a poor poet for fun: