My Work

Here are just some of the places you can view my work. Many of the other places my poems have been published have either gone defunct, changed domains, been lost in the someplaces of the internet, or otherwise disappeared.

AGNI – Horses Explain Things to Me

Poetry City, USA – Two Poems
THRUSH – Dear Wilder / Ness
Vinyl – Confabulation
Word Riot – Two Poems

Boxcar Poetry Review – Genesis
Gargoyle Magazine, Iss. 64 – Two Poems
Lunch Ticket – Two Poems
the minnesota review – Two Poems
Painted Bride Quarterly – Recycle, Reduce, Reuse (And Close the Loop)
PANK – Four Poems
WomenArts Quarterly, Vol. 5 Iss.2 – Psalm in the Middle of Sleep

Drunken Boat – Prime Suspect
The Knicknackery – Three Poems
Linebreak – Ghost in the Machine
Potomac Review – Ten Things I Will Not Think About in My Last Seconds of Life
Revolver – Two or Three Things I Know About Her
Structo Magazine – The Places I Am Already Hiding
Sundog Lit – Two Poems
Tupelo Quarterly – On Being Asked by My Friend’s Minister If I’ve Found the Lord
Tupelo Quarterly – Leave of Absence


A-Minor Magazine – Two Poems
Black & Gold Review – Hello, Moon!
Camroc Press Review – Two Poems
Illuminati Girl Gang – Two Poems
Revolver – Here I Am, Dead
Revolver – Two Poems
THRUSH – Songs About Leaving
Word Riot – I Have All These Skills


A-Minor Magazine – Two Poems
Anderbo – Vermont Mermaids
Banango Street – The De-Evolution of a Person
elimae – Two Poems
elimae – The Lord Sits With Me Out In Back
PANK – Scheherezade
RHINO – Snow Salutation
Sixth Finch – Three Poems
Stoked – Two Poems
Word Riot – Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Beloit Poetry Journal – Phases
Bluestem Magazine – I’m Not Home
Camroc Press Review – Two Poems
decomP – April 6
elimae – Take 42
Everyday Genius – Hats
fwriction: review – Five Poems
The Legendary – Seven Poems
Neon – Two Poems
pressboardpress – Three Poems
Right Hand Pointing – If the Sun
Thunderclap! Magazine – Weight

decomP – Tell It to Me
ditch, – Four Poems
GUD – Definitely Us
The Legendary – I Only
The Legendary – Two Poems
PANK – Thoughts on Finding You Dead
Potomac Review – Two Poems

Denver Syntax – Curtains
The Orange Room Review – Winter Music


Anderbo – Two Poems
Denver Syntax – Conversations
Denver Syntax – At Last

Denver Syntax – Windex